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From the comfort of your own Desktop

At CKids!, our mission is for your child to feel comfortable interacting, learning, and speaking Spanish. Every week, we will practice, read, play, listen to music, watch videos in Spanish and learn how to communicate in the third most spoken language in the world. Our immersion classes provide a fun, engaging, high-quality, educational experience so that your child falls in love with the journey of becoming bilingual from an early age.

The online Program is the same program that we run at our premises. Its fun, engaging and challenging.

We have:
Over 30 original songs so the student can listen our accent and reproduce with the correct pronunciation

Different games for every vocabulary theme

Practical phrases with questions and answers for conversation practice

Skit-videos featuring native Spanish speakers

Additional activities & resources to practice other various grammar concepts for homework.

In each class the teacher will go around a certain topic (the student will have workbooks alongside), and they will teach with enthusiasm to create a friendly and engaging environment at all times. 
Our online platform  allows us to access full student's reports & progresses  through the kid's activity portal and set weekly practice goals.

Downloadable Resources
Students are provided with downloadable resources (most of which is homework) which can be printed to create sets of vocabulary cards, play a variety of additional games, and enhance their overall experience at CKids! Online.

This is how we do it!

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