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We go visit!

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When our team of teachers are not running around my house, they can be found embarked on new adventures around Dallas!
Our home-visiting services allow children from far distances to learn Spanish through our engaging unique-method, no matter how far in Dallas you might be. We have always the way to get to you!
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Meet The Team

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Natalia- Colombia
Adriana- Mexico
Sara, Giselle, Luz  & Kids
at Park Cities
Amalia- Cuba
Laura- Costa Rica
Majo- Colombia
Paty- Argentina
Andrea- Espana
Sahory- Peru
Sara- Espana
Zulema - Espana
Zulema (Espana)
& Ivonne (Venezuela)

Caro & Giselle  - Argentina
Susana - Argentina
Cintia - Argentina
Maggie - Argentina
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