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Culture Kids was created to make learning Spanish fun & engaging.

I strongly believe that today’s children tend to have short attention spans. The traditional classroom method is not best suited for Gen Z’s. They need to be continuously engaged and stimulated. The key is to keep “the speed” at the right level to not leave anyone behind, yet keep everyone engaged. Gen Z’s more than ever before love learning by doing and getting involved.

Over the past years, I have experienced this and therefore adapted the teaching approach to be more engaging. In my classes, children learn by doing and therefore learn effortlessly whilst having fun. Specifically, they learn a language, whilst also learning about relevant topics and exciting cultures around the world.

I have developed a unique and innovative way in teaching Spanish to young children, so it’s easy, fun and enjoyable! Our children love to come to classes, and that is what we focus in the most.


I taught children for over 10 years across 3 continents, teaching both English and Spanish.

First, I worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina with under K5s teaching English at two pre-schools (The Clover and Babyland) and later on, in fourth grade in Primary School (North hills).

I then taught Spanish in Boston, MA, in a very well established after school program (International Language Foundations)where I taught 14 classes per week through a very engaging method from which I reinforced the importance of  how to keep young learners attentive and motivated at all times.


My husband and I love to travel and during during our extensive honey moon, we travelled over 20 countries, including Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.


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